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4 Reasons to develop a routine for yourself

Productivity Sep 12, 2021

Routines help you push your limits, to go beyond the average.

At the core of every person who wishes to do something with their life, is the yearning to do something better. They want to grow. This is especially true for anyone who wants to go beyond the average standards.

Routines help you free your ideas from your brain.

The world is never short of ideas. Each one of us stumbles across new ideas every single day. Ideas have no intrinsic value of their own as they sit there, warming your brain. You need to set the ideas free by sharing them with the world or by performing actions based on them.

Routines exist to help you do the work.

Performance and impact are not driven by skill or intelligence. It is a direct result of a person's willingness to do the work. Routines take away distractions and indecision from your life to do your work consistently. It frees your work from the myth of motivation.

Routines help engage with your own creativity.

Creativity and true insights are not gifts from heaven. They are not so random either. You find and grab your creativity through systematic work. Routines bolster creativity by allowing you to enter the "flow" state faster.


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